INVOKING THE PAUSE ("ITP") is an environmental small grants program designed to advance public awareness and engagement about climate change issues.  The hallmark of ITP is a creative 'pause' - a gift of time -to seed reflection in interdisciplinary and collaborative ways to spur innovation and impact.


'Entering the Mystery'  by Maggie Kaplan

We help enterprising people cultivate imaginative ideas to help sustain the health and vitality of our planet and steward the preservation of its ecological integrity. 

Welcome to our community!

We include, but are not limited to, scientists, artists, community activists, cultural creatives, educators, writers, journalists, photographers, filmmakers, social entrepreneurs, and locavores. 

- Maggie Kaplan, Founder

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Bioneers 25th Anniversary Summit Conference Early Bird Registration now open until August 15thSign up here. 

M19_1.jpg Though I’ve been a social activist for many years, shareholder advocacy is a new arena for me. With Invoking the Pause, I’ve worked to advance public awareness and engagement about climate change issues for years. We have used our funds to give artists and activists the ‘pause’ they need to complete their worthy work. I am a retired corporate lawyer, and have always believed that corporations have responsibility for their impact on the world and the environment. But before I was introduced to As You Sow last year, I didn’t completely realize how much power I had as a shareholder to affect the companies I own. (I was so impressed with their work I encouraged them to apply for a 2014 ITP grant, and our Advisory Committee selected them as one of the five Grant Partners this year.)

I was recently interviewed for their Donor Profile in the As You Sow Summer NewsletterRead the article here.

 whole_earth_summit2.jpgAt the recent Whole Earth Summit, ITP Grant Partner, author and activist Terry Tempest Williams, and ITP Advisory Committee guiding light and co-founder of Bioneers, Nina Simons, were both interviewed.  Hear their narratives about how they each aspire to affect change on this earth.  In an excerpt from that interview, Terry recalls her ITP grant, The Council of Pronghorn, and its life changing impact.

terry_tempest_williams_thumb.jpgTerry Tempest Williams: "How do we pay attention to what projects we are working on? I feel it in my body and my body doesn’t lie. I also want to know - how does this project mirror the questions that keep me up at night? I think about - does it scare me?  I want to go where I’m afraid – that’s where my growth is and I also want to work with people that I love, trust, admire and respect.  I think more than anything – as Nina said – what are the serendipitous moments? What is the synchronicity that follows this? I do believe that our life work is about paying attention, even to the surprises.  My grandmother called it ‘following the golden thread’." » Read More

ITP Connects! 05/21/2014

connected.jpgWe are always interested in whether our growing ITP family stays connected outside of our annual Fall Gathering and love when our Grant Partners share that story when it takes place.  ITP Grant Partners Joshua Fouts and Trathen Heckman, who first met at the gathering in Fall of 2013, reconnected at a TRCC (Thriving Resilient Communities Coalition) gathering in March... » Read More

Logo_1.jpgThe climate change issue has followed a trend that has resulted in an increased attention on the importance of cultural values, sacred ancestors, protection and preservation of customs and cosmology, passed through the centuries.
» Read More