Grant Partners > 2017 Grant Partner - Museum of the Future: Making Museums Relevant in a Time of Climate Emergency
2017 Grant Partner - Museum of the Future: Making Museums Relevant in a Time of Climate Emergency
<em>2017 Grant Partner </em>- Museum of the Future:  Making Museums Relevant in a Time of Climate Emergency
nhm_logo_800_1.jpgThe Natural History Museum is a mobile and pop-up museum that highlights the socio-political forces that shape nature.  They will convene collaborators to kick off a Design Lab comprised of Indigenous leaders, scientists, and museum consultants.  Together they will develop concrete programming ideas and proposals for content-based collaborations (exhibits panels, screenings, "toxic tours", citizen science workshops on air and water quality monitoring) inside established science and natural history museums around the country.

JULY 2021

JULY 24, 2021
Standing Rock.  Read here.

JULY 18, 2021
Chaco Canyon.  Read here.

JULY 16, 2021
Snake River Blessing Ceremony.  View here.
Our cross-country journey with Lummi carvers and a 25-ft, 5000 pound totem pole has begun!

Yesterday was a good day, on traditional Nimiipuu territory—the first stop on the #RedRoadtoDC.

The salmon, central to Nimiipuu culture, are facing an extinction crisis due to aging dams and warming waters. Native grassroots organizers, elders, and Nez Perce tribal leaders called for the removal of the Snake River dams at this moving totem pole journey event organized by Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to restore wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia & Snake Rivers and their tributaries, once the greatest salmon rivers in the world. We can do this by removing four outdated and expensive dams on the lower Snake River. For too long these four dams have impeded the rights of Nez Perce and other Northwest First Peoples to exercise Traditional Fishing Treaty Rights. The federal government promised the Nez Perce People the right to hunt and fish in their usual and accustomed places as part of the 1855 Treaty. The promise was broken. It’s time to right this wrong.

TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition to restore the salmon and remove the Snake River dams

Soon after the event, our caravan hit the road for our next stop, Bears Ears. But there’s always a bit of time for an impromptu jump in the river along the way.

This is the Red Road to DC: a touring series of ceremonies, public events, media projects, and advocacy campaigns, co-produced by ITP Grant Partner The Natural History Museum, Native Organizers Alliance, Se'Si'Le, and the House of Tears Carvers--culminating in a rally on the National Mall and an exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.
From the Salish Sea to the Snake River, Chaco Canyon to the Black Hills, Anishnaabe lands in Minnesota to Standing Rock in South Dakota, the totem pole carries the spirit of the lands it visits, and the power and prayers of those who encounter it. The journey draws lines of connection—honoring and uniting the Native Nations and communities leading struggles to protect sacred places—and it also draws a line against an understanding of development that is pushing the world toward extinction.

On July 29th we will deliver the pole, along with the prayers, power, and demands it carries, to the Biden-Harris Administration. Quoted in the Washington Post last week, The Natural History Museum's Director Beka Economopoulos suggested the totem pole offers a vision for a “monument to the protection of sacred places and a way of relating to the land.”  It stands as a symbol of the promises made to the first peoples of these lands and waters, and our collective ancestral obligation to care for the natural world for the generations to come.

In acknowledgement of past and present injustices inflicted on Native Peoples and lands without consent, and in the context of the climate and extinction crises, the Red Road to DC invites all of us to take a stand with those who are leading movements to protect sacred places. Our collective future depends on it.

Join us on the Red Road to DC! c83ff94d153987b969c81c36078b43d5.jpg

You can participate online, in person, and by amplifying the message. Please visit the journey site to follow along, sign the petition to protect sacred places, make a donation, and sign up for updates.