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Land Core has a mission to advance soil health policies and programs that create value for farmers, businesses, and communities.  The organization is building the missing infrastructure, and economic incentives that will make the rapid adoption and scalability of soil health possible. It has convened a world-class, cross-sector working group that is building and actuarially-sound, predictive model that quantifies the risk-mitigations benefits associated with specific soil health practices.  The model uses satellite imagery to quantify the impacts of soil health practices on crop yields, enabling lenders insurers and investors to off new incentives (eg. better terms, cheaper loans or discounted policies) for farmers, accurately reflecting the mutual economic benefits to all parties when specific practices are applied.  Land Core will implement a “Farmer Outreach Project”  not only to develop and pilot incentives with farmers, but also to analyze these incentives to ensure that their work is farmer-centric and regionally appropriate.  To do this, they will form and engage a Farmer Advisory Council, representing farmers across the Midwest.  Land Core believes this toll will pave the way to fund a large-scale transition to a regenerative, soil health-centered, carbon sequestering, ecosystem-restoring agriculture.  The ITP Climate Challenge would help ensure the expansion and successful implementation of the risk model during the next two critical years of model development as they build, test, and scale towards widespread adoption.

3/31/2022  Land Core March newsletter mentions ITP Climate Challenge Cohort Grant.  Read here