WeAreWater - 2022-2024 Climate Challenge Cohort

HQ_lips_in_water_1.jpgWe Are Water

WeAreWater is a multi-sensory immersive artwork that uses the auditory and overall sensory power of water to create a reflective space within the chaotic and non reflective space of urban habitats to reconnect people to our primordial relationship to water. The artwork is composed of 4 separate audio visual installations inspired by 3 California Rivers. Each River represents a meta challenge related to water. The fourth installation is a universal meditative water experience. These installations will be shown as stand alone pieces and like water, flow inside buildings in art galleries as well as outside in public spaces where the public can experience them along their daily migratory paths.

Scientific studies have revealed that specific sounds induce a meditative and reflective state in homo sapiens. The sound of water is one of these sounds. We will collaborate with award winning sound engineers Alex Felici Forster, (Soundtrack for Ram Dass: Becoming Nobody) and Jeremiah Moore (For Site Foundation, Pixar), to create an original meditative audio track that reveals the epic story of water in California. Inspired by behavioral studies, the immersive soundtrack will use sounds that induce a meditative state. Each piece will also include subtle audio sounds that illuminate the specific issue each River illuminates. A fourth immersive audio visual experience will be a composite of the various rivers to create the most all encompassing meditative water experience.

We are intentionally creating 4 separate pieces as some institutions and regions are interested in focusing on a specific water challenge whereas others are more open to a more universal water experience.

After the public leaves an immersive exhibit, they will either enter an accompanying exhibit that provides more information about the issues illuminated in the audio visual artwork or receive fact sheets providing solutions. In this way the story of water is absorbed first through the body and then intellectually through the mind, an infinitely deeper way for humans to attain and retain knowledge. Some venues will also amplify the installation with more robust accompanying exhibits, public discussions, exercises and more.