ROC:  Return on Collaboration & Connection
RO Chart_2.jpg
What happens when new connections, collaborations and learning produce positive and oftentimes unexpected consequences?
Premise:  When people are given the opportunity to meet and work with new colleagues or spend purposeful time with familiar faces, knowledge and networks grow.  If investments have been carefully geared to foster knowledge sharing, build diverse networks, and provide the time and space for new thinking - ideas, outcomes and cross-sector collaborations will emerge that could not have been predicted.
Measures:  Number of initiatives that emerge from collaborations between and among Grant Partners and Allies, from introductions, and from other investments.  Number of new connections made.

ROI:  Return on Ideas and Inspirations
What happens as a result of taking the time to "Pause" and explore new ideas?
Premise:  When people are given the ability to take reflective "time out" from their daily routines in a collaborative and creative space, they are more open to new ideas and approaches.  While the path from idea generation to actuation is rarely linear and often hard to trace, the likelihood of these ideas emerging without the gift of collaborative pause is limited.
Measures:  Number of ideas and new insights that gain traction as a result of an ITP Pause.  What happened because of the pause that would not have happened otherwise (or at least not in such a timely manner).