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2018 Grant Partner - LeftRoots
<em>2018 Grant Partner</em> - LeftRoots
LeftRoots is a national organization of 250 frontline organizers and activists, committed to politically developing their members to lead social movements across the U.S. LeftRoots’ Climate Justice Praxis Circle will use an Invoking The Pause grant to convene their 18 members for a four-day Pause. During this first in-person convening of the Circle, members will design and test “labs”, in which five or more members of the Circle will work together to test out a new strategy for strengthening the climate justice movement. Their goals for the Pause include: solidifying a team of leaders across the environmental and climate justice movements; defining a process for infusing climate frameworks across LeftRoots and other political movement-building organizations; and crafting a series of Labs that have the potential to advance proactive and visionary climate justice strategy.