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2018 Grant Partner - Climate Rights Collective
<em>2018 Grant Partner</em> - Climate Rights Collective
CRC_logo.jpgThe Climate Rights Collective will use their Pause grant to help create a collective of committed experts including activists, campaigners, lawyers, communicators, and journalists who leverage a broad range of skills and backgrounds using the emergent climate rights framework to advance climate justice. The climate rights field blends together a number of recognized and aspirational rights into a unified new morality that can unlock political imaginations and create critical legal and policy interventions to support the climate and environmental justice movements. They believe this robust and holistic approach to ‘rights-based’ organizing and interventions will provide critical leverage at the regional, national and international movement levels.  This ITP grant will allow the team to be together and explore core concepts, map the collective history of work in this and related fields, and to build a meaningful pathway forward together.