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2019 Grant Partner - Acre
<em>2019 Grant Partner - </em>Acre
Acre.jpgAcre Policy is a new way to advance good policy, at state and local levels, in support of farmers and ranchers. The ACRE ​pause​ is an opportunity to take ARI and other examples of sub-national green payment programs and create an ecosystem payment model for agriculture that can be replicated, tailored, and implemented in jurisdictions across the United States. To do so, we plan to convene thoughtful and informed stakeholders for a facilitated design process that will lead to the creation of our model.  We envision a three-day retreat, during Summer 2019, hosted on a working farm within Santa Clara County. The setting and activities are designed to provide the physical and emotional space to allow participants to escape the strictures of their daily concerns, forge interpersonal connections and group identity, and bring their expertise and creativity to our joint goal of developing a model policy program.

Michael Meehan is currently the Agriculture Plan Program Manager for Santa Clara County. He is also the Founder of Acre Policy, which uses best practices in land use and policymaking to build tools for robust regional food systems. He graduated with an MEM from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in 2016. He also holds a B.A. in American Studies from Vassar College.