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Modified - 8/18/22
Dancing Earth Performs
Dancing Earth Performs
Dancing Earth’s Between Underground & Skyworld brings to the stage a compelling story of dynamic young people struggling through the apocalyptic present, with resilience and humor, as they survive the end of one world and dream in a future world of balance, harmony, connection and renewal.
Presidio Performing Arts Theater
99 Moraga Ave
San Francisco, CA
Evening Show: Sept. 24th: 7pm
Matinee Show: Sept. 25th: 2pm
Storytelling takes infinite forms with this family friendly narrative with energetic expressive forms becoming poetic and dreamlike, as told through dance, dialogue, song, striking media projections of the Southwest, and unforgettable eco-innovative set design, costumes, handheld lanterns and shadow puppets - all created by intercultural collaborators and visionaries of the future.
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