Frequently Asked Questions

The Invoking The Pause program has shifted to an invitation-only process at this time


How do I apply for an Invoking The Pause grant?
Please see Apply in the menu and select New or Existing Grant Partners to view details.

Who is eligible to receive a grant?
We support collaborations of two or more people who meet the eligibility requirements and intent of the grant.  If your collaboration is not part of a 501(c)(3), federal grant-making law requires you to acquire a fiscal sponsor.  If you need assistance in securing a fiscal sponsor, please let us know.  (ITP is fiscally sponsored by Inquiring Systems Inc.)

What is the maximum grant given?
First-time "Pause" Grants range up to $10,000 max; additional Seeding/Blossoming Possibilities Grants range up to $10,000 max.

What kind of reporting is required after receiving an Invoking The Pause Grant?
Please see the Grant Requirements page of this website for report information and other requirements.

What if my project fits within more than one of your grant funding areas?
That's great!

What percentage of new grant inquiries receive funding?
Approximately 10% are funded, although the figure can vary from year to year.

Why was my application declined?
ITP receives far more grant request applications than we have the resources to fund.  If your application was rejected, you will receive individual feedback regarding the decision.

If my previous applicaiton was denied, may I apply again in a future grant cycle?
Depending upon the feedback received from ITP, you are welcome to submit a new proposal.

For more answers to questions not listed above, please contact us at