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2020 Blossoming Possibilities Grant Partners
<em>2020 Blossoming Possibilities</em>  Grant Partners
These Grant Partners are building upon the seeded possibilities existing which they have already cultivated and are cross-collaborating to take their momentum to the next level with a Blossoming Possibilities Grant: 
(NOTE:  Some projects postponed due to COVID-19)

  • Magalie Bonneau, Matthew Mazzotta - Support for a creative pause to bring a diverse group of experts in various fields who are all working under the umbrella of solving the climate crisis, but are doing so from notably different and complementary perspectives and methodologies. Our group includes immersive experiential designers, artists, storytellers, XPrize winning technologist, community builders, and facilitators.  Learn more about Magalie Bonneau's  ITP Projects here.

  • TIMBY, Rainforest Connection, Rainforest Foundation - Support to fund a convening focused on strengthening indigenous-led monitoring and policing the rainforests in Central and South America.  We’ll come out of the convening with a design architecture document that includes the blueprints for
(a) three project collaborations in South America
(b) technology changes that TIMBY must provide to support the project collaborations
(c) TIMBY’s road map for the next year of work in South America
Learn more about TIMBY's  ITP Projects here.
Learn more about Rainforest Connection's  ITP Projects here.
Learn more about Rainforest Foundations's  ITP Projects here.

  • Zero Foodprint, Joshua Fouts - Support for a project using AI to develop relevant marketing videos to educate audiences about Zero Foodprint’s mission.
Learn more about Zero Foodprint's  ITP Projects here.