Natural disasters affect us all, but take their heaviest toll in the developing world. Response can be worldwide but assistance tends to focus on short-term solutions. Bodhi Garrett of C2C (Change 2 Climate) says the program will address the effects of extreme weather events due to climate change and the long-term adaptation strategies needed for sustainability; connecting the emerging model of decentralized international development/disaster relief to the previously untapped resources of the international business community and growing interest from civil society. Projects will assist culturally and naturally unique communities move from relief to self-reliance through grassroots projects supported by a global support network and media identity. The initial focus will be on South and Southeast Asia beginning in the Philippines.

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C2C Retreat: Carmel Valley October 13-14, 2012

On a beautiful weekend in Carmel Valley, California, we came together to reflect on and discuss Change to Climate (C2C). With the inspiration of invoking the pause, the schedule of the weekend was a sound interplay of reflections, meditations, coffee, project visioning, nature walks and collective thinking.

The people involved were Bodhi Garrett, Erik Rogers, Lena Bumiller, Lilia Villa and Meghan Thomas. Together they formed a group of fellow visionaries with different backgrounds and skills, ready to face the challenges of our time.

The mission emerged out of the inspiration to combine practical local tools with a trans-regional resilience network and an inclusive movement inviting to adapt together in the changing world. The mission statement reads as follows:

C2C catalyzes climate change adaptation in unique bio-regions through access to proven community-based solutions.

Action Plan 02_hiking.JPG

Phase I: 

  • research03_working.JPG
  • flagship project (Moken)
  • geographical mapping  

Phase II:  

  • Networking for solutions of sustainable communities in a changing environment

Phase III:

  • introducing the disaster app. 



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