Dreamrider Productions Planet Protector Academy - Jun 17 2021
Planet Protector Online Adventures! Dreamrider Productions' Planet Protector shows converts to successful online programs during the pandemic. Read More
American Resilience Project - May 25 2021
Calling All Students! In partnership with the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business, American Resilience Project is excited to announce its first-ever student storytelling contest: Faces of American Resilience - What does resilience mean to you? Read More
Tara DePorte Human Impacts Institute - May 25 2021
Tara DePorte Selected for Fellowship Tara DePorte, Founder and Executive Director of Human Impacts Institute, selected for fellowship in France. Read More
Rainforest Connection - May 18 2021
Rainforest Connection Ad in Wall Street Journal Protecting Our Planet By Listening. By Topher White, Founder and CEO of Rainforest Connection. Read More
Faith Kearns - May 13 2021
Getting to the Heart of Science Communication ITP Grant Partner Faith Kearns releases new book. Getting to the Heart of Science Communications. Read More
As You Sow - May 13 2021
As You Sow - Astounding Votes! Vote results on shareholder resolutions are a ‘proxy’ for progress — our real goal is corporate action. Read More
Sarah Cameron Sunde - Apr 22 2021
ITP Grant Partner is Guggenheim Fellow ITP Grant Partner Sarah Cameron Sunde is 2021 Guggenheim Fellow recipient. Read More
The Optimist Daily & American Resilence Project - Apr 20 2021
The Optimist Daily: Thought Leader Series Tribal Nations pave a path to renewables. Roger Sorkin, Founder of American Resilience Project, an ITP Grant Partner, and Paul Hirt of ASU, explain how these programs serve as an example for other communities. Read More
Uplift Climate - Apr 15 2021
Grant Report Interview with Lyrica Maldonado of Uplift Uplift Climate's Co-Director, Lyrica Maldonado, gives the grant report interview for their ITP project. Read More