Sarah Cameron Sunde - Apr 22 2021
ITP Grant Partner is Guggenheim Fellow ITP Grant Partner Sarah Cameron Sunde is 2021 Guggenheim Fellow recipient. Read More
The Optimist Daily & American Resilence Project - Apr 20 2021
The Optimist Daily: Thought Leader Series Tribal Nations pave a path to renewables. Roger Sorkin, Founder of American Resilience Project, an ITP Grant Partner, and Paul Hirt of ASU, explain how these programs serve as an example for other communities. Read More
Uplift Climate - Apr 15 2021
Grant Report Interview with Lyrica Maldonado of Uplift Uplift Climate's Co-Director, Lyrica Maldonado, gives the grant report interview for their ITP project. Read More
The Whale Dreamer - Apr 06 2021
Grant Report Interview with Leah Lamb of Whale Dreamer The Whale Dreamer by Leah Lamb is a creation story about Earth's unique role in the universe and our responsibility to this relationship. Read More
American Resilience Project - Apr 01 2021
Urging Clean Energy and Justice for Tribal Nations American Resilience Project is in the latest op-ed in GreenBiz on how accelerating just energy transitions is right for the environment and economy, and how tribal communities can help lead the way. Read More
LandCore - Mar 30 2021
Interview with Aria McLauchlan of LandCore When LandCore applied for an Invoking The Pause grant in January 2020, no one knew we were all on the cusp of a new world. Read More
Planet Protector Academy - Mar 23 2021
Planet Protector Academy in the Calgary Journal Planet Protector Academy is one way for kids to decompress and learn about climate activism. Read More
As You Sow - Mar 23 2021
As You Sow Webinar - April 8, 2021 April 8, 2021 - Andrew Behar will be speaking in the virtual webinar Plastics: The Last Straw for Big Oil? An Investor Brief on the Risks of Overinvestment in Petrochemicals. Read More
Zero Foodprint - Mar 22 2021
Zero Foodprint Restore Grants Zero Foodprint is proud to help farms like Twisted Fields boost their productivity through regenerative rather than extractive management. Read More