Zero Foodprint - Mar 22 2021
Zero Foodprint Restore Grants Zero Foodprint is proud to help farms like Twisted Fields boost their productivity through regenerative rather than extractive management. Read More
As You Sow - Mar 03 2021
As You Sow on Today Show ITP Grant Partner, As You Sow, presents a Racial Justice Scorecard that was recently featured on NBC's TODAY show. As You Sow’s Racial Justice team has examined the websites and social media platforms for each company in the S&P250 Read More
As You Sow - Mar 03 2021
As You Sow - Turning Words into Actions As You Sow is a leader in empowering shareholders to change corporations for good. Read More
American Resilence Project - Mar 03 2021
Encore Screening - Tidewater ITP is pleased to announce an encore screening of Tidewater, a film from ITP Grant Partner American Resilience Project, at this year's RVA Environmental Film Festival. Read More
As You Sow - Mar 03 2021
British Hedge Fund Billionaire Takes Climate Fight to S&P 500 A billionaire hedge-fund manager is bankrolling an unprecedented campaign to force dozens of the world’s largest companies to publish carbon-emission reduction plans. Read More
DreamRider Productions - Mar 03 2021
Planet Protector Academy & Dancing Earth collaboration ITP Grant Partners, Dancing Earth and Planet Protector Academy, have joined forces for good with a new video series. Read More
The Optmist Daily - Mar 22 2021
The Optimist Daily: Regenerative Farming Can Save Our Planet Avoiding the catastrophic effects of climate change that the scientific community has been warning us about isn’t just a matter of cutting the number of emissions that humans produce. Read More