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Posted - 04/26/2012
2012 Invoking The Pause Grant Partners
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After receiving many innovative proposals, Invoking The Pause is pleased to announce its 2012 Grant Partners. We look forward to a fertile relationship and abundant harvest with the following Partners:

Please welcome to the ITP Community -

  • C2C (Change 2 Climate) Bodhi Garrett: President, Global Purpose and Founder, Andaman Discoveries/North Andaman Tsunami Relief - A two part ‘pause’ to develop C2C, a sustainable complement to the Red Cross, creating long-term opportunities for areas affected by natural disasters. The first ‘pause’ will take place in an indigenous community in the Philippines, hit often by severe weather events, to learn from their recovery and resilience strategies. The second ‘pause’ will be held in Northern California to deepen the team’s connection with development, technology, and media experts to develop the knowledge necessary for tracking post-disaster needs and relief.
  • Documentary Film: “The Organic Life”Casey Beck, Filmmaker – A pause to further develop the storyline of a documentary film chronicling a year in the life of an organic farmer and the financial insecurity, physical hardship, and rise of corporate agriculture that threaten the sustainability of organic farming.
  • Science, Imagination and the Art of Adaption: Understanding Climate Change Awareness Through the Prism of BrazilJoshua Fouts, Executive Director, Science House Foundation – A two-part ‘pause’ in Brazil (in the Amazon and Brasilia) to speak with scientists, artists, policymakers, and students. The conversations about climate change will be documented with audio and video journals by a documentary film maker. The insight gained will inspire transformation in Science House’s Planet CheckUp program, which provides environmental testing kits to students.
  • California Agricultural Road Trip - Mark Schapiro, Senior Correspondent, Center for Investigative Reporting and Peter Cunningham, Photographer - A collaboration between award-winning environmental journalist Mark Schapiro, and renowned photographer Peter Cunningham to take a California road trip to various agricultural regions across the state to explore challenges presented by climate change. Water, salt and heat are creating a new set of problems for today’s farmers. Their focus on California as a microcosm will echo some of the global food security issues. A variety of media will be utilized including the web, educational talks, and a photo exhibition with text, to illuminate the profound changes already underway in California food growing that have been triggered by climate changes.
  • Eliciting Social Responses to Climate Change: At the Nexus of Climate Science, Cognition and the ArtsNicole Heller, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University and Climate Central – A two-day ‘pause’ of predominately Duke University experts in neurobiology, behavioral economics, climate and earth science, and the arts to think mindfully about factors that shape people’s responses to climate change messaging and how to experimentally examine sure responses at scales meaningful to impact social change.
  • Inner TransitionTrathen Heckman, Board President, Transition US – A collaborative ’pause’ for 7 people from Transition US, Ecology of Leadership/Regenerative Institute, and Daily Acts Organization, to create a ‘tool box’ of resources containing a book, a series of downloadable PDF’s, webinar presentations, workshops, and videos as resources for environmental social activists.

The Grant Partner page of this site will be updated with these projects soon. Please check back to read more about this meaningful work and the steadfast crusaders bringing further attention to the issue of climate change.