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Posted - 02/23/2017
Sustain US - Stories From COP22


In November 2016, ITP Grant Partner Sustain US sent a delegation to the Marrakech, Morocco 22nd United Nations Climate Change Conference.  Read their post report here.


On the final day of our Pause retreat, members of our SustainUS COP21 delegation took the time to write and then perform our visions for the future and our places within them. These are our #ZeroBy2050 stories: what does it actually look and feel like to reach a fully decarbonized global economy by 2050? We gathered the loving energies and powerful relationships that had been nurtured over days of dialogue and movement and shared our visions for a more equitable, sustainable, and just world. Below, you can find a diverse expression of these Visions for an alternative and better future.  » Read More

Posted - 08/26/2016
sustainus.jpgBy 2016 Invoking the Pause Grant Partner Morgan Curtis, SustainUS COP22 Delegation Leader

I’m dancing in a tree, hanging from an overhead branch, feet in the crook between branches. Music is shaking the earth, and my fellow youth delegates from COP21, last year’s UN Climate Change Conference, are throwing shapes with their bodies. The Vermont spring sunshine is awakening the grass, and our souls. » Read More

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