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Visit the Kickstarter website to read the final project update on the successful Windowfarms campaign.
Wall_Street_Journal_logo.jpgFormer ITP Grant Partner Britta Riley is featured in The Wall Street Journal.  Need the perfect Christmas gift for the urban farmer?  Look no further than Windowfarms!
Read the full WSJ article here.

Watch your Windowfarm being made right now in upstate New York…

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spot_light_hi.pngIn 2008, Britta Riley incubated the idea of growing fresh and nutritious food in her small, urban apartment in Brooklyn. By 2009, Windowfarms was born. Britta, an artist, designer, and entrepreneur, expanded her idea of a hydroponic garden to source knowledge and improve her design from a community of likeminded “do-it-yourselfers.” Fast-forward three years: an Invoking the Pause grant, an astounding $257,000 Kickstarter fundraising campaign, and 32,000 world-wide Windowfarmers later; now, the first “fully manufactured in the USA” Windowfarm kits are about to make their way to homes and apartments around the world.

Britta at the Louisville Public WindowfarmWe spoke with Britta about her new project, the risks she took in bringing her latest design to market, and her 18-foot Windowfarm installation/public garden in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Since we last alerted you to the manufacturing delay, we have been working with the factories and our fulfillment center to determine a new estimated timeline for Windowfarms delivery. Our new ship date is August 27. Thank you again for your patience and understanding!



Dear Backers,

It’s mid-March, spring is officially in the air, and we know that you’re eagerly awaiting the delivery of your Windowfarm!

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Britta Riley and her Windowfarms team update us on their progress since the close of their successful Kickstarter campaign.



Windowfarms Kickstarter funding platform challenged you to place $200,000 worth of orders by December 7th in order to produce the gardens kits in the USA.  That challenge has not only met, but has been surpassed and the orders continue to come rolling in!  Congratulations Britta and the Windowfarms team!

See the latest updates on Kickstarter here.

Britta Riley


Watch the video of Windowfarm’s Britta Riley talk on R&DIY and how we bring together our community using open source platform.

Watch video here

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