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The Optimist Daily:  Regenerative Farming Can Save Our Planet.  Read here


ITP Grant Partner American Resilience Project announces the World Premiere of the next episode in their film series Current Revolution energy transition series, Nation in Transition, designed to accelerate the Navajo Nation's transition away from coal, and serve as a roadmap for other communities transitioning to renewable energy.

Please join us for the screening at 12:30pm ET on Thursday, February 4, 2021 followed by a live panel discussion, hosted by Arizona State University.   REGISTER TO WATCH HERE.


ITP Grant Partner Zero Foodprint announces carbon farming crowdfunding campaign for the holidays.  Read more here.

Posted - 11/03/2020
As You Sow: Carbon Report Card

ITP Grant Partner, As You Sow, gives an update on their 2020 project: Activating The Nations 401(k)s.  Read it here.

Invoking The Pause was proud support the work of The Optimist Daily, World Business Academy, and Psych Alive in their latest webinar:  "Emotional Inflammation".  Please read here about how they conceived their project idea and how ITP contributed to bringing it to fruition.  And here is a link to view the webinar.

Learn about regenerative agriculture by watching this Netflix documentary.  
ITP Grant Partner DreamRider Productions is hosting its first virtual friend-raising, #no-ask online Shindig.  Think of it like live theatre + a game.  We trust you'll find the DreamRider way so fabulous that you'll want to be part of the their magic.
DreamRider's work in the world is to create transformational learning experiences for kids that inspire them to become changemakers for the environment in their families and communities. Come experience a taste of how they do it!

Former ITP Grant Partner Terry Tempest Williams is featured in The New York Times reading her "obituary for the land" titled A Burning Testament. Her husband, the Western nature writer Brooke Williams, shared the piece in its entirety on social media. Given recent events, it could not be more poignant and we encourage you to read it now. » Read More