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“In order to (re)create conditions conducive to life on this planet for ALL life, including effectively managing a rapidly changing climate, we need to reimagine and evolve the way our children learn to have the most significant, positive impact over the long term... moving us as a species towards stewardship and regenerative action, rather than utilization.”

Our 'Pause' opened with a council: a beginning free of pretense and hierarchy,a forum nurturing to all vulnerabilities. » Read More

Bio_Coll.jpgThe teachers are everywhere, what is wanted is a learner” says Wendell Berry. We are here, we are learners. As humans, we are a relatively young species and, deep within, we have an affinity for nature. We feel awe and wonder – from flowers, birds, mountain peaks, rivers, sunsets, and thunderstorms.

Our team of six practicing biomimics will join together in a remote log cabin in the mountains of Montana in early September. We will “press pause”, slowing down and reflecting. We will gather lessons and draw inspiration from Nature that will help us empower current and future change-makers in the K-12 educational system – our young people, their educators, and their communities – to understand and take action on climate change. » Read More

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