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Posted - 03/21/2016
ITP - 2016 Special Grants Awarded
collaboration_591.jpgOne of the by-products we enjoy seeing at Invoking the Pause are the unique collaborations that materialize organically when our Grant Partners meet in person, such as this past October's Grant Partner Gathering in Sonoma, and in Paris at COP21.  Maggie Kaplan has coined the term "Collateral Delights" to describe this  convergence of talents, ideas and resources from interdisciplinary backgrounds.

This year ITP is pleased to support 6 different "Collateral Delight" collaborations resulting from what can only be described as a perfect storm - the October 2015 ITP Gathering followed by COP21.  The momentum that originated in Sonoma Wine Country gained traction in the City of Light - Paris. 

In addition, we have Grant Partners that are receiving support to take their work to the next level post - "pause".

It is noteworthy that several former Grant Partners from a few years ago have connected with more recent GPs at our annual ITP Grant Partner Gatherings and forged some of the new alliances described below.

We are proud to announce that the following past and present Grant Partners have received additional grants in 2016 to further their potential to spur their innovative projects:

Seeding Possibilities Grant Recipients:

  • Bureau of Linguistical Reality - Heidi Quante & Alicia Escott:  The team will use time to pause, reflect and pursue the many new relationships and ideas generated from their pause in Paris
  • Rainforest Connection - Dave Grenell & Kristin Coates:  Taking their real-time mobile alert technology to Ecuador to protect the Cerro Blanco Reserve, a rare Amazonian Rainforest in Ecuador.  Kristin Coates joins the team to help develop strategy for future growth.

Blossoming Possibilities Grant Recipients:

  • Heidi Quante & Mark Schapiro: Combining Schapiro's award winning investigative journalism with Quante's experience designing and overseeing creative media and public engagement campaigns.  They will collectively design an outreach and engagement campaign that amplifies the investigative findings of Mark's forthcoming book, Hotbook, by arming diverse food and farming networks, and the broader public, with this new information so as to disseminate this knowledge to the greater public. 
  • Winters Past and Human Impacts Institute: Both groups have individually created a voluminous amount of audio around climate change.  By coming together they will contemplate new and different methods to grow, reach bigger audiences an ultimately share these audio stories about climate change.

Special Post COP Grant Recipients:

  • Impact Hours (Mark Schapiro - Investigative Journalist, Andy Behar - CEO As You Sow, Alicia Escott - Artist/Bureau of Linguistical Reality, Reinhard Hohlwein - Environmental Specialist in Waste Management, Tara DePorte & Lauren Lavitt - Human Impacts Institute):  5 - Monthly one hour video calls/chats with guest presenters, in a mini-salon format.  The general theme will be about communicating climate change strategies and ideas post-COP and how each of their organizations can expand its reach, mission and message.
  • As You Sow & Reinhard Hohlwein (Environmental Specialist in Waste Management): Taking active steps towards forwarding the connection between climate change investment solutions and waste management practices.  As You Sow and Reinhard Hohlwein will present a pair of interactive workshops in Northern California about the divest/invest practices of As You Sow engaging with the established organic waste handling community. 

Check back for the official announcement of our new 2016 Grant Partners.  We welcome them into the ITP family!