Posted - 05/21/2014
ITP Connects!
connected.jpgWe are always interested in whether our growing ITP family stays connected outside of our annual Fall Gathering and love when our Grant Partners share that story when it takes place.  ITP Grant Partners Joshua Fouts and Trathen Heckman, who first met at the gathering in Fall of 2013, reconnected at a TRCC (Thriving Resilient Communities Coalition) gathering in March...

While catching up with each other at TRCC, Joshua informed Trathen about his love affair with bees and fermentation.  Trathen then invited Joshua to his house (in Joshua's words, "a veritable cornucopia of sustainable living") in Northern California to make a mead made of rose petals, lavender, yerba mate, and several other soothing and peaceful aromatic herbs all picked fresh from Trathen's garden at night. Thank you, Maggie for sparking this connection!

An amazing time was had by all as evidenced in the photos!

L - R: Joshua Fouts - Bioneers, Sam Ruark - Energy & Sustainability Program Coordiinator with Sonoma County Energy Watch, Trathen Heckman - Daily Acts, Sohrob Nabatian - Kalliopeia Foundation.

Trathen Heckman