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Posted - 05/16/2019
Planet Protector Academy Review in Ed-Tech Digest
planet_protector.jpgFETC 2019: The Right Stuff for the Future of Education
I have to confess, I’m a sucker for this type of thing. Having been a kid myself once and having been a middle school teacher for two decades, I know that some approaches simply grab kids by their heartstrings and stir them up in the best possible way. Planet Protector Academy, a social activism oriented animated series, engages students to become part of a team of super heroes who take responsible, down to Earth action to improve the environment. Yes, there’s Environmental Science, English Language skills, and Social Studies themes to learn, too.

Thus, it’s all there; the opportunity to be one of the good guys who fights the good fight, positive group identity, thoughtful reflection on real world problems and solutions for them, and more. Chatting with the caped representatives from this provider was a bright conference highlight for me because Planet Protector Academy seems to me to speak so strongly to the possibility of school supporting the high spirited joy of being a kid. It fosters authentic learning to navigate and prosper in the world kids discover while growing up, even considering the sorry state it’s in currently. May the force of enlightened educators’ interest be with Planet Protector Academy!