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Posted - 03/03/2011
Stephen Antupit of CityLab7 — Convening 2010 Interview

Stephen Antupit
Stephen Antupit of CityLab7 speaks about his experience at the 2010 Grant Partner Convening of Invoking the Pause. He shares about the new opportunities to collaborate, the chances to connect in a different way, engage together and approach a complex problem– and how “The Pause” empowers new solutions.


What surprises me most about the past day and a half [at the Grant Partner Convening] is the variety and richness in themes, and ideas that we’ve all discovered.

“Different kinds of collaborative groups seem to have similar dynamics, getting out of our comfort zones as a way to identify creative approaches to complex problems..

“It’s a very heartening and very empowering thing to see happening. It shows the power of working together in new ways. It’s been so exciting.”

Stephen Antupit, LEED® AP is Launcher / Connector / Leverage Guy at City Lab 7 was a 2009 Invoking the Pause Grant Partner. For twenty years Stephen has worked in urban design and neighborhood redevelopment– creating vibrant, walkable communities that are resource-smart, climate-intelligent, and transit-focused. As a public servant and consultant, he frames policy and designs responses that promote ecological, social, and economic resilience. As a citizen collaborator, he identifies and translates design opportunity and response– to stimulate invention and leverage durable connections among diverse stakeholders who comprise urban community.