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Posted - 09/27/2016
The Bureau of Linguistical Reality Field Offices
Heidi_Alicia.jpgThe Bureau of Linguistical Reality is a public participatory art work established by Alicia Escott and Heidi Quante recognizing a collective loss for words to describe phenomena and emotions our species is experiencing as our world rapidly changes due to climate change and other anthropogenic changes and events. At The Bureau of Linguistical Reality we work with others to examine the disconnects that we are all experiencing as the world around us rapidly changes. The Mission of The Bureau is to create new words to understand and bridge these disconnects.

 We use the words we create through these conversations as points of connectivity to initiate or further conversations around topics that are currently difficult to discuss or even conceptualize— but essential to have as we move forward.

Join us at Bioneers or at the Invoking the Pause annual Grant Partner Gathering where will will set up our Mobile Field Office to work with you to explore the ways our language is failing to accurately describe the world around us and together create neologisms that seek to identify and correct these gaps.