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Posted - 03/21/2016
ITP - 2016 Special Grants Awarded
collaboration_591.jpgOne of the by-products we enjoy seeing at Invoking the Pause are the unique collaborations that materialize organically when our Grant Partners meet in person, such as this past October's Grant Partner Gathering in Sonoma, and in Paris at COP21.  Maggie Kaplan has coined the term "Collateral Delights" to describe this  convergence of talents, ideas and resources from interdisciplinary backgrounds.

This year ITP is pleased to support 6 different "Collateral Delight" collaborations resulting from what can only be described as a perfect storm - the October 2015 ITP Gathering followed by COP21.  The momentum that originated in Sonoma Wine Country gained traction in the City of Light - Paris. 
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