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Posted - 03/28/2014
Joshua Fouts: Expand iPhone app Evolves with New Direction
Joshua Fouts update us on the latest with his 2013 project to develop a climate change educational iPhone app.  In more recent news, Invoking the Pause has just recently awarded sisters Erica and Elaine Paiva a 2014 grant to continue to develop this app and take it to the next level.

The original app prototype from last year's "Seeding Possibilities" grant was designed as a game, and as a result estimates to complete it were expensive. Technically, this new ITP proposal from Erica Paiva and Elaine Paiva is, in essence, a new app, although its conceit and concept has a legacy inspired and informed by the lessons from Joshua's original 'Pause' in Brazil in 2012 and the subsequent collaboration with Erica and Elaine with last year's project.

"Technically, the original game app could still be produced were we able to raise the additional funds needed to do so. Erica and Elaine are capable, interested and inspired to do both.  It would be great to bring both to life, but I think the current evolution of the process is quite nice with a smaller, more refined app being produced by this team, which includes two strong women and one of Brazil's top app designers." says Joshua.

This new grant for the Paiva sisters takes last year's prototype concept and develops it into a newer, more-refined, fully-operational version of the app. Erica Paiva, who was the guiding force for the project last year, produced and created all the art for the app and taught herself the fundamentals of how to program an app.

"After last year's ITP project Erica continued research on how to apply the lessons from last year's prototype app to make a fully functional one for less money. Many people told us we'd need another $25,000 - $50,000 to complete the original game app. This left all of us with significant sticker shock and concerns that the concept would not be able to move forward. Furthermore, after I accepted the Bioneers position I knew that I would not have time to lead the project." Joshua was recently selected as Bioneers new Executive Director

Remaining undeterred, the Paiva sisters switched gears and found one of the top app programmers in Brazil who agreed to build a more streamlined, fully operational version of the app (still in the same broader theme as the last) for a much more reasonable cost.  It is with this new path that Erica and Elaine submitted for and were rewarded with a 2014 Invoking the Pause grant.  Says Joshua, "Kairos continues to bless this project!"

Invoking the Pause looks forward to developing this new relationship with Erica and Elaine and are proud to be a part of such innovative ideas.  Check back on this site for updates on this and all 2014 projects.