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Young climate activists like Jamie Margolin are building a movement while growing up — planning mass protests from childhood bedrooms and during school. 

ITP Grant Partner, The Bureau of Linguistical Reality is mentioned in this New York Times article as part of the growing lexicon of life in the age of planetary disruption.  Read the article here.

Jamie Margolin in her bedroom. Holly Andres for The New York Times

blr_logo_7a.jpgITP Grant Partner - The Bureau of Linguistical Reality - mentioned on  Read here.
Heidi_Alicia.jpgThe Bureau of Linguistical Reality is a public participatory art work established by Alicia Escott and Heidi Quante recognizing a collective loss for words to describe phenomena and emotions our species is experiencing as our world rapidly changes due to climate change and other anthropogenic changes and events. At The Bureau of Linguistical Reality we work with others to examine the disconnects that we are all experiencing as the world around us rapidly changes. The Mission of The Bureau is to create new words to understand and bridge these disconnects.

 We use the words we create through these conversations as points of connectivity to initiate or further conversations around topics that are currently difficult to discuss or even conceptualize— but essential to have as we move forward.

Join us at Bioneers or at the Invoking the Pause annual Grant Partner Gathering where will will set up our Mobile Field Office to work with you to explore the ways our language is failing to accurately describe the world around us and together create neologisms that seek to identify and correct these gaps.  

Posted - 07/14/2016
Loss for Words - SF Gate
sf_gate.pngSF Gate picked up Faith Kearns interview with ITP Grant Partners Heidi Quante and Alicia Escott of the Bureau of Linguistical Reality.  The Bureau focuses on creating new language as an innovative way to better understand our rapidly changing world due to climate change.  Read the article here.

Posted - 07/07/2016
New Item Title
blr_logo_7a.jpgThe Bureau of Linguistical Reality, (a 2016 ITP Grant Partner), is excited to be doing an Artist in Residency at the Rockaway Institute for Sustainable Environment (RISE) this September 16,17,18.   We will be bringing a mobile field study office to the Rockaways, New York, a community living on the frontlines of climate change, to collaborate with Rockaway Residents to create new words to express their feelings and experiences surrounding climate issues.  We are incredibly thankful for the Whitman Institute for making this collaboration possible.

140527_yale_gw_climate_change_1339_a85d7210f833cc82f26a3026edf476d1_615x376.jpgMay 12, 2016  By Maggie Kaplan - Founder, Executive Director - Invoking the Pause

A few weeks ago in San Francisco at former ITP Grant Partner Chris Desser's studio, I was privileged to attend a Salon entitled the Bureau of Linguistical Reality created by Heidi Quante & Alicia Escott -- 2015/16  ITP Grant Partners.  I was particularly excited, as this was the first time I've had the opportunity to experience first-hand part of a Grant Partner's project in real time! They created this Salon evening for local Bay Area  ITP Grant  partners and friends, after many successful Salons in Paris at the COP21 last fall and other venues around the Bay Area. » Read More

Cop21.jpgITP Grant Partners Heidi Quante and Alicia Escott of the Bureau of Linquistical Reality just recently returned from the COP21 in Paris.  Read about their "Pause" experience:

“When I walked into the Bureau of Linguistical Reality Field Study Office it hit me. . .I didn’t realize that other people are having the same feelings as I’m having around climate change. It hit me that like many things, I had viewed language as fixed. . .but the Bureau opened my eyes that everything, including our language, is not fixed. . .participating in the Bureau salon was a shift for me.”  
~ Shana Tufail, London, UK
» Read More


Grant Partner The Bureau of Linguistical Reality is hosting their Public Participatory Word Salons during the ARTCOP21 events in Paris. Check out the details here.

Cop21.jpgThe Bureau of Linguistical Reality is honored to receive an Invoking the Pause grant for our 2015 work. 

The Bureau of Linguistical Reality is a public participatory artwork created in 2014 by Heidi Quante and Alicia Escott focused on generating new language as an innovative way to engage diverse sectors of the public in addressing climate change and other Anthropocenic events. » Read More

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