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Posted - 02/07/2013
"Pause" Participant Spotlight

Eileen Thorsos is the Sustainability Education Program Coordinator for the Duke University Environmental Leadership Program & Duke University Superfund Research Center.  Her work includes integrating sustainability into Duke curricula and communicating with professional and general audiences about environmental health and toxicology.  She is interested in implementing effective communications approaches for shifting people's attitudes and behaviors related to climate change. 

Eileen 'invoked the pause' in the hills of North Carolina last fall with the Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment team.  She recently spoke to us about this experience and the ensuing 'collateral delights'.

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retreat_center_sign1_1_1.jpgIn September, a group of us got together for a 'pause' to brainstorm about experimental research on climate change communications, see here.   Below, I have included some of the pictures from this retreat to share a bit more. What is on my mind though is Hurricane Sandy.  It's been mind blowing to see the images of the storm and hear about the tragic deaths and damages.  But the silver lining, if we can look for one, may be the shift the storm has produced in the conversation on climate change.  Amazingly, the topic did not enter the presidential debate.  But it has inserted itself now in the form of a giant, late season hurricane. » Read More

The_New_York_Times_logo.pngNew York Times Dot Earth columnist Andrew C. Revkin reports on returning ITP Grant Partner, Nicole Heller and the climate retreat pause she coordinated in North Carolina along with Dr. Bill Chameides, Dean of Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment. 
Read the article here.
Dr. Bill Chameides is Dean of Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a contributing writer to the Huff Post Green, a section of the Huffington Post. Recently, Huff Post Green featured Dr. Chameides' article on ITP Grant Partner and Climate Scientist Nicole Heller's retreat in North Carolina.
Returning ITP Grant Partner and Climate Scientist Nicole Heller of Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment, along with several neuroscientists, climate scientists and artists, recently gathered for a two day retreat in North Carolina. Their coming together may change the way we receive the climate change message.  Read about their "pause" here.
spot_light_hi.png nicole_heller

From her earliest memories, Nicole Heller has been attuned to the relationships we share with our environment and other living things. Professionally, she became an ecologist, and in the last five years  has focused on climate change and how best to communicate its complexities to a global audience.  Her interest and advocacy began at a young age with a spider. As a girl she recalls creating a stir in the neighborhood, protecting spiders from mistreatment by one of the local children. » Read More

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After receiving many innovative proposals, Invoking The Pause is pleased to announce its 2012 Grant Partners. We look forward to a fertile relationship and abundant harvest with the following Partners:

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