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Resilience_Now_Option_3__1_.pngExcited to announce that ITP Founder and ED, Maggie Kaplan, will be speaking at #SunValleyForum Resilience Now Summer Series on June 29th. Join us to hear the stories of impact from Sun Valley Forum partners and advisors!

4_9_17_Optimist_Website_Image.jpgI salute each of you for your persistence and facing the craziness of our world, and proceeding with your work nonetheless.
Thank you...


Read "Every Day I Make a Decision Not to Give Up"

140527_yale_gw_climate_change_1339_a85d7210f833cc82f26a3026edf476d1_615x376.jpgMay 12, 2016  By Maggie Kaplan - Founder, Executive Director - Invoking the Pause

A few weeks ago in San Francisco at former ITP Grant Partner Chris Desser's studio, I was privileged to attend a Salon entitled the Bureau of Linguistical Reality created by Heidi Quante & Alicia Escott -- 2015/16  ITP Grant Partners.  I was particularly excited, as this was the first time I've had the opportunity to experience first-hand part of a Grant Partner's project in real time! They created this Salon evening for local Bay Area  ITP Grant  partners and friends, after many successful Salons in Paris at the COP21 last fall and other venues around the Bay Area. » Read More

Bioneers Donor Spotlight interviews Invoking the Pause Founder and Executive Director Maggie KaplanRead the interview here.
M19_1.jpg Though I’ve been a social activist for many years, shareholder advocacy is a new arena for me. With Invoking the Pause, I’ve worked to advance public awareness and engagement about climate change issues for years. We have used our funds to give artists and activists the ‘pause’ they need to complete their worthy work. I am a retired corporate lawyer, and have always believed that corporations have responsibility for their impact on the world and the environment. But before I was introduced to As You Sow last year, I didn’t completely realize how much power I had as a shareholder to affect the companies I own. (I was so impressed with their work I encouraged them to apply for a 2014 ITP grant, and our Advisory Committee selected them as one of the five Grant Partners this year.)

I was recently interviewed for their Donor Profile in the As You Sow Summer NewsletterRead the article here.

By Maggie Kaplan -

Conversing with a former 2009-2011 ITP Grant Partner (GP) recently, she told me how the Pause's power -- even more than a year "post pause" -- percolated through many aspects of her life.  It got me wondering how the "post pause" has impacted others…. 

So, we are initiating new, more personal blogposts from former GPs with reflections upon their lives and the Pause's impact.  They may take the form of a blog, photo essay, drawings, short film, or even an interview between GPs—audio, written or otherwise.  Given the creativity of our GPs, there are many possibilities! 

To read the inaugural post by Gabriela Denise Frank, one of the CityLab7, who received their initial ITP grant in 2009, and future Partners "Post Pause" submissions, please look for this 'pause heart' icon.

PGS_ITP.jpgBy Maggie Kaplan -

What a delightful afternoon I spent at Presidio Graduate School (PGS) the other day -- being honored for supporting graduate student scholarships at a heartwarming luncheon at the PGS Headquarters in San Francisco's Presidio.  Knowing of the high level of student debt these days and wanting to help entice students to select PGS' innovative MBA/MPA and Dual Degree programs bridging the gap between commerce and the common good, I agreed to fund student scholarships over a 3 year period. » Read More


SAN FRANCISCO, January 7, 2013 - Maggie Kaplan 'Invokes the Pause' for sustainable management students at Presidio Graduate School.  A retired California-based corporate attorney turned philanthropist, artist, and change maker Maggie Kaplan has partnered with Presidio Graduate School to create the Invoking the Pause (ITP) Scholarship Fund.

The ITP Scholarship will provide financial support to incoming MBA, MPA and Dual MBA/MPA sustainable management students starting with the Spring 2013 cohort. » Read More

logo_E2.gifITP Founder and Executive Director, Maggie Kaplan was interviewed recently for a feature in the Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) newsletter.  E2 is the independent business voice for the environment.  E2 is a national community of individual business leaders who advocate for good environmental policy while building economic prosperity. Working with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), E2 takes a reasoned, economically sound approach to environmental issues by relying on fact-based policy expertise.  Read the interview here.
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