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By Maggie Kaplan -

Conversing with a former 2009-2011 ITP Grant Partner (GP) recently, she told me how the Pause's power -- even more than a year "post pause" -- percolated through many aspects of her life.  It got me wondering how the "post pause" has impacted others…. 

So, we are initiating new, more personal blogposts from former GPs with reflections upon their lives and the Pause's impact.  They may take the form of a blog, photo essay, drawings, short film, or even an interview between GPs—audio, written or otherwise.  Given the creativity of our GPs, there are many possibilities! 

To read the inaugural post by Gabriela Denise Frank, one of the CityLab7, who received their initial ITP grant in 2009, and future Partners "Post Pause" submissions, please look for this 'pause heart' icon.

Open_heart.jpgThis is too much fun, I worried on the second night of  The Pause.

Intro from Hidden City Diaries - Essays from Life by Gabriela Denise Frank.  A few weeks ago, I spoke with Maggie Kaplan, founder of Invoking the Pause, the environmental small grants program that funded my CityLab7 partners and I in the ideation and development of our urban mushroom farm.

It's been a year since our installation closed, marking the end of a long-term project fed by buckets of sweat equity and three grants. » Read More

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