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 whole_earth_summit2.jpgAt the recent Whole Earth Summit, ITP Grant Partner, author and activist Terry Tempest Williams, and ITP Advisory Committee guiding light and co-founder of Bioneers, Nina Simons, were both interviewed.  Hear their narratives about how they each aspire to affect change on this earth.  In an excerpt from that interview, Terry recalls her ITP grant, The Council of Pronghorn, and its life changing impact.

terry_tempest_williams_thumb.jpgTerry Tempest Williams: "How do we pay attention to what projects we are working on? I feel it in my body and my body doesn’t lie. I also want to know - how does this project mirror the questions that keep me up at night? I think about - does it scare me?  I want to go where I’m afraid – that’s where my growth is and I also want to work with people that I love, trust, admire and respect.  I think more than anything – as Nina said – what are the serendipitous moments? What is the synchronicity that follows this? I do believe that our life work is about paying attention, even to the surprises.  My grandmother called it ‘following the golden thread’." » Read More

Council of Pronghorn - The Value of Water Exhibit

Felicia Resor recently shared a Council of Pronghorn Home Video at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine ‘Value of Water’ exhibit. You may view the Council as they guard the Cathedral nave through March 25th.

spot_light_hi.png Council of Pronghorn - The Value of Water Exhibit

From the initial migration of the Council of Pronghorn to the Big Apple, to the experience of meeting over a thousand visitors on opening day of the Value of Water exhibit, Felicia Resor and Ben Roth describe the joy of bringing their brainchild to Manhattan.

We at ITP celebrate the successful collaboration of the Pronghorn project created by Terry Tempest Williams, Felicia Resor and Ben Roth and the Value of Water Exhibit at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The Council of Pronghorn was designed to bear witness to the environmental harm of the Natural Gas Fracking operation in Wyoming.

While no one– including the artists themselves– anticipated the project’s migration to New York, these collaborations and the project’s proliferation is aligned with the mission of Invoking the Pause. And so far it has been a huge success: opening day saw 1,500 visitors to the Value of Water Exhibit, and an expected 1 million visitors are expected before the exhibit’s close on March 25th.

These are the summaries and excerpts from our interview with Ben and Felicia after the opening exhibit.

Helena Kubicka

Photo Courtesy of Helen Kubicka

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This year marks the exciting emergence of ITP Collaborative projects between two cultural creatives, inspired and ignited from the 2010 Convening.

As Lisa Schubert of Cathedral of St. John the Divine describes, “When the Council of Pronghorn installation arrives in the nave of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, it will bear witness to our humanity and our changing world– all conversations which were sparked by Maggie Kaplan and the Invoking the Pause Project.”

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The author visits the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster

The Gulf Between Us brochure

As we near the one year anniversary of the July 15, 2010 capping of the gushing wellhead of the BP Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill, acclaimed author Terry Tempest Williams reflected on her visit to the disaster last year.  She came home with a nearly 15,000 word account of her oil odyssey, The Gulf Between Us.

Terry Tempest Williams’ article in the March 2011 Issue

In the March 2011 issue of The Progressive Terry Tempest Williams writes a thought provoking essay about the harsh realities of the impact of the Natural Gas Industry on our country– or more specifically, Wyoming– and the people and the Pronghorn antelope who call it home.

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